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2015-08-21 (0 comments)

New C.O.G. single - THINK TANK

Well this one, like the subject of the song, has been sitting in the Secret Lab basement for months now, waiting to be unleashed...  and FINALLY it's out!  An epic new C.O.G. song!

It all gestated so innocently ... Joe Panno (Dr. Sardonicus) and Billy Riecke (Dr. Stroganoff) visited the Lab on a weekend last November to create a demo of some new ideas that Joe had had running around his head in the wake of that 'Tenacious D' contest entry... ideas too mighty to lie silent after that contest ended with a resounding thud.  So he and Billy conspired for half an hour and put down the parts that comprise the first half of this song, to a metronome.  Joe played two separate guitar tracks with his Jackson into his Blackstar amplifier.  Billy used his Roland Juno,   After they took off, I sat at the Roland V-drum kit and put down the parts that came to mind (and must confess that I overplayed it slightly!)  Then I quickly wrote the first half of the lyrics (I love it when inspiration is clicking and the lyrics just come without any effort) and put down a demo of them, and finally uploaded the resulting 2 minute demo to the band's backstage web site, where it sat.  For months.

UNTIL June 2015, when it was put on the front burner again!  C.O.G. needed a worthy new single; it'd been a year since we last released one ('Angee of Death') and this was quite worthy.  I made myself write the 2nd half of the song, which musically is just a repeat of the first half.  Writing took a day and a half, and once I had something good enough I made a demo of the entire thing and set the release date on the FUMP for today's date.

The intervening time was just enough to add the detailing to elevate it to its rightful place in the C.O.G. muscial pantheon!  We rehearsed the song as a band several times over the weeks, then got to recording.  First up was Chris Lenox (Dr. McLummox), adding some very Steve Howe-esque solo fills and other embellishments with his guitar (a custom Telecaster styled instrument) into his Fender Deluxe - an amp that ALWAYS sounds great without really any post-production effort.  I miked it up with my new MXL R40 ribbon and got a great tone on those parts.  Jim (Dr. Z) then laid down a bass part with the custom 'purple heart wood' bass that he always uses for studio work.  I took mic and line recordings of his parts but used just the line output, into a multiband compressor and parametric EQ.  With these bass parts I've been needing to scoop a bunch of low mid mud out and add upper mid sparkle to get the parts to sit in the mix.

At the beginning of this week, the pressure was on - the mix was sounding good if a bit vanilla, so I got my PAIA Theremin out and hooked it to the Vox Valvetronix amp, and laid down some Theremin parts to elevate the 'mad science' feel.  It worked!   A little gang vocal session for background harmonies before mid-week rehearsal was followed by Billy adding some arpeggiated parts from his Novation keyboard, then Joe returning to the guitar parts of the song for proper rhythm and lead tracks (Jackson into his Blackstar amp again), followed by Chris Lenox contributing some insane guitar soloing right at the end.  There were several vocal lines I had to patch due to my changing whims, and a gong sample to add in the middle, and that was basically it!

Mix-wise, this busy song was aided and abetted greatly by a new understanding on my part of clearing out frequency ranges so that various instruments didn't step on each other - I used lots of high and low-pass filters to make this complex mix work.  You can picture a song like a layer cake, with bass drum on the bottom, followed by bass guitar, followed by guitar, keyboards, and then voice, with the cymbals and vocal sibliants on top as icing.  Several other things occupy multiple freq ranges like the vocals do - snare drum, keyboards, etc.  So I imposed a lot of orchestration in this mix by having instruments come up several db's in their featured parts.  But with careful filtering, a lot of stuff can be happening at once and you still perceive it clearly (for instance, the Theremin parts wafting over the wall of guitars, bass, drums and vocals near the beginning.)

Another epic triumph for the C.O.G.!  Now, to start work on a worthy music video :)

2015-08-21 (0 comments)

COG CD Release Party!

We finally decided on the venue and date for the CD release party! It's gonna be super-sweet, a recreation of a late 90's COG concert at our original haunt - the first pro music club that actually let desecrate their stage - Jimmy's Music Club (now the Willow).

Opening for us will be some folks with whom we regularly shared the stage back in the day, and the original owner of the club, Jimmy Anselmo, will be the emcee.

2015-07-28 (0 comments)

C.O.G. covers album about to drop...

As I write this, I'm in the final mastering throes of getting the new C.O.G. covers CD 'Strange Transmissions From Uranus' out the door. This project was different from any other C.O.G. project in that it consists entirely of cover tunes - songs written by other artists (and as it happens, mostly from movie and TV soundtracks.) As per usual C.O.G. practice, it's a retrospective, dating back 15 years or so to our first cover, 'Green Slime', which we had picked up playing the New Orleans Worst Film Festival (they showed the infamous 1968 film), without even knowing that it had been covered by local superstars The Cold some 12 years prior.

As a retrospective, it's also packed with prior C.O.G. members - most of these recordings were started years ago and recently picked up and carried through to their ultimate level. Remy Dee, Nurse Trixie, Formelda Hyde, Nurse Shark, Impersario Konstantin, Major D Struction, Dr. A Rachnid, Dr. A Pentatonic, and even the Angry Fairy are present on various songs (only Filbert Snodgrass and our original colleagues seem to have evaded their civic duty to be represented by the songs they pioneered - alas, we ran out of time!)

Anyway, this project is also a pioneering effort in going through the motions of above-board royalty reporting, which I managed through www.tuneswoon.com. Since they require advance registration and a healthy advance payment for song royalties (16 songs in all - it's 12 tracks but some of them are medleys) I've taken the currently bizarre tack of making this CD physical-only (no iTunes for this puppy!) and limiting the initial issue of this to 100 pieces. It'll be first come first served - and only at live lectures, initially!

We're planning on sneak releasing this at the upcoming 'Secret Chewluminati Ritual' concert this coming Friday in New Orleans at the Chewbacchus den at 4321 St. Claude Avenue. A proper CD release party is in the offing too, as soon as I figure out WHERE...

2015-04-30 (0 comments)

New TimeFest advertisement...

After a week of work, here's the ad for the upcoming 'NOLA TimeFest III'

I shot this on my trusty (but now cranky) old Sony FX-1 camera, in my aunt Joyce's neighborhood in Baton Rouge, near where the owner of the Delorean time machine prop lives (we've booked him and his car for the Fest.) The idea behind this is a whim I dreamed up over a year ago when we were contemplating staging TimeFest II in Esplanade Mall - we were thinking of shooting this in the adjacent parking lot, recreating part of the beginning of Back to the Future. Here, we've recreated part of the BTTF trailer instead, but given it a twist!

One thing I forgot to do on location was to provide myself a chroma screen to composite out the interior of Paul Patacek's TARDIS, so for a couple shots I had to rotoscope (sloppily) out the inside so that you could see the control room instead of the wooden walls and plastic windows. Just 60 frames or so, but it took me about a half hour to do each brief shot.

The spinning TARDIS at the end is not CGI, for I suck at CG; but we needed something to match Paul's full size model and he leant me the Character Options plastic replica, complete with flashing light on top. After fastening blue tissue paper to cover the speaker and battery cover on the back, I mounted this on a record player in front of a greenscreen and filmed it. Came out better than anticipated!

The music at the end is C.O.G.'s live version of the theme, excerpted from a show we did last August at Southport Hall.

2015-04-23 (0 comments)

C.O.G. presents the Supervillain Symposium!

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