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2011-01-11 (1 comment)

Before and after pics, as requested

MarsCon, March 2010 (photo by Baron Dave Romm) :

My guest room, earlier today (photo by Mrs. Shoebox) :

As you can see, I converted my lost fat into a keytar and a Jack Skellington head.

As of Sunday I'm about 12 pounds away from my goal.  And while I miss my tuba-playing ninja shirt, which no longer fits me, I sweat a lot less in my newer shirts.


2011-01-04 (0 comments)

2011, dammit.

Hi, LiveJournal. Long time no see.

Let's see how we did on our New Year's Resolution for 2010!

Shoebox in January of 2010:
- 302 pounds
- 3XL shirts
- 40x34 jeans

Shoebox in January of 2011:
- 216 pounds
- L / XL shirts
- 31x34 jeans

Unfortunately, my New Year's resolution was to put out a new Worm Quartet album in 2010, so I am a miserable failure!  YAAAAAAY!

How'd you guys do?


2010-11-09 (0 comments)

Post-bath conversation

ME: I'm glad you took a bath tonight.  You smell MUCH better now.

STEVE: I do?

ME: Yup!

STEVE: But I farted in the tub FIVE TIMES!


2010-11-07 (0 comments)

Fun with cranky children

ME: Are you ready, kids?


ME: I can't heeeear yoooooou!


ME: Ohhhhh...who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

STEVE: I said I'm not ready.


2010-09-27 (0 comments)

Con on the Cob 2010

For those who haven't heard yet, I'm running the comedy music track for Con on the Cob, happening in Hudson, OH from October 14-17. 

This is my first time ever attempting to run a music track, and I procrastinated a bit on the scheduling and booking for this thing, so everything's running far later than I hoped.  It's all coming together now, though, and it's looking GOOD.

The performers:  
Max DeGroot
Power Salad
Rob Balder
Positive Attitude
Worm Quartet
Thee Bluebeard
Soggy Potato Chips
Carrie Dahlby
19 Action News
Nuclear Bubble Wrap
the great Luke Ski
Devo Spice
Derwood Bowen III
Cirque du So What
And comedy music guest of honor Norm Sherman of the Drabblecast.

Other things that will be going on include gaming, demos, an art show, video games (I'm totally bringing an Atari 2600 - 4-player Warlords, anyone?) kids' events, and the Dementia Radio 10th anniversary party.

This will be my 5th Con on the Cob, and coincidentally, it's the 5th year they've had music.  It's grown a bit every year, with 600 people attending in 2009, and it's always been a really fun and relaxing time, and a neat mix of family-friendly daytime activities and late-night debauchery. I deliberately tried to keep the music from taking up the whole day so that the musicians - and you weirdos that come out to see our stuff - won't be stuck in the music room the whole time, and we can wander around, hang out, check out the rest of the con, have bizarre field trips to interesting restaurants, create impromptu room parties, and all that geeky nonsense.

Really hoping a bunch of you will come out to this thing.  I'm excited as hell about it.  Pre-reg prices are still available at http://www.cononthecob.com


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