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2008-05-25 (0 comments)

Fear of a Waffle Planet

Tonight we played a free secret show that I was not allowed to talk about.

We opened for The Vandals. 

It was cool.

I'll be back at Tim's place in the morning for Hot Waffles filmin' stuff.


2008-05-14 (0 comments)

Jerk Jerk Jerk Jerk Jerkity Jerk Jerk

Everything in this song is true!

2008-05-13 (0 comments)

Awful Waffle Newsletter - May 2008

In this issue:

-We're All FuMPed Up
-Woo! Woo! Woo!
-Funny Music For A Serious Cause

We're All FuMPed Up!

Visit www.thefump.com RIGHT NOW and check out another song from our new album, "Sorry, My Brother's A Jerk". The song that defines our stage presence. 

And if you haven't purchased our new album and already have this song memorized, what are you waiting for?


Woo! Woo! Woo!

Last month our song "Living On A Roll And A Prayer" was number 2 on Dr. Demento's Top Ten Countdown!  Thank you to everyone who requested it.  You can go and request it some more if you want, I mean, if you really loved us...


Funny Music For A Serious Cause

Earthquakes, cyclones and tornadoes are tearing up the world. Luckily, our friend Grant Baciocco of Throwing Toasters has lowered the prices of the excellent "Laughter is a Powerful Weapon" CDs for a month and is donating all the proceeds from the sales to relief efforts! So if you haven't bought copies, want to buy more copies as gifts or just want to give to good causes, please feel free to pick up an extra copy or five!


Links to individual albums (with sound clips included):

Vol 1 - http://cdbaby.com/cd/fmsc
Vol 2 (features Weird Al) - http://cdbaby.com/cd/fmsc2


Are you bringing the R.O.C.? MAKE IT HAPPEN!


(What is the deal with UNO, anyway?)

That's about it for now. We promise some shows soon!

Much Love,
Hot Waffles

2008-04-22 (0 comments)

Go Team Venture!

The Venture Brothers is at least one of my all time top-ten favorite TV shows.  Check out the preview of season 3!  (Keep an eye out for the most awesome G.I. Joe parody I've ever seen towards the end!)

2008-04-14 (0 comments)

Shows I Like That Were Canceled

Weird things can happen to your family when you are on vacation. Sometimes you can be rafting down a river and be sucked into a land of the lost, other times you can be visiting the Great Pyramids of Egypt and be transported to-


Only eight episodes of this show was aired in 1985.  I remember having some trouble following it at my young age.  Apparently this parallel universe United States was split up into "zones".  So, you've got to have Zone Troopers, of course, with the awesome Jonathan Banks as the bad guy "Commander Kroll".  This series was kind of like the 1980's Twilight Zone meets Sliders and was canceled before its time.  Plus, you just can't miss the Saturday night action double-shot of Otherworld and Airwolf. Back to Back!

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