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2009-04-04 (0 comments)

Storytime with Storyteller Chris!

I'm getting ready to drive out to the undisclosed desert bunker where Raymond & Scum are forging their next album. I'm excited to hear what the guys have come up with and we haven't hung out in a while so it should be a fun day.

After that, sometime tonight, I hope to finally get the demo for "The Rockstitution of the United States of Ametalca" down for the Brain Hammer thing (actual recording to commence the 18th). Also, Hot Waffles will be at Comic-Con on Friday, July 24th for an interview for "The People vs. George Lucas" so maybe we'll see you there? We might be booking a show somewhere in San Diego that night but that's still up in the air right now. I'll let you know!

2009-03-28 (0 comments)

Metal Reign

I'm back with an update about that side project I have been working on that I mentioned earlier.

Some of you may know that before I hit stardom with Hot Waffles, I formed a heavily Spinal Tap-influenced rock/metal band with my buddy Scott (he was the man who became Damian Orlock in Hot Waffles for a short time when a demon from Hell took over his body. When the demon got sick of Tim and I arguing all the time, it went back to Hell and left Scott in peace). Anyway, after almost 20 years, that band is back. That's right, Brain Hammer returns! A handful of people from Cypress High class of 1992 must be marginally excited!

The album we are working on features songs that go all the way back to 1991 like "Song of the Plague Year" as well as a ton of brand new stuff such as one I wrote called, "The Rockstitution of the United States of Ametalca".

So if you like juvenile sex, pretentious lyrics and guys who think they are metal gods, check it out:


There's some demos and stuff there. The real website is coming very soon to an internet near you.

2009-03-26 (0 comments)

God FuMP us all...

Hello. Chris Waffle, here. Blogging for the first time via The FuMP website. Apparently this will cross-post to my livejournal account as well so if you are reading this from livejournal first, you should really head on over to www.thefump.com. If I do something wrong and it doesn't work, then you are already reading this from www.thefump.com and the preceding paragraph is really a waste of your time. I apologize.

Anyway, what you are probably dying to know is what is up with Hot Waffles? Well, we do have some things going on this summer that I will reveal at a later date. However, my next blog post will be about a musical side project I've been working on. Stay tuned! I promise that this FuMP blog will be updated frequently!

2009-03-15 (0 comments)

She's A Young Girl Talking About Herself

2009-02-14 (0 comments)

The court case of the century!

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