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2009-08-12 (0 comments)

Al Fest Clips

Here’s a video of a young girl talking about Al Fest 2009.  Check out all the fun that was had by all, and if you don’t blink, you may just see Hot Waffles!

2009-08-08 (0 comments)

Waffleland Studio – Back in Action!

Our home studio is back up and running after many years and some demos are already being recorded.  Hopefully this means more FuMP action and some new songs here and there.  Also,  if you’re one of our many comedy music pals who ever wanted to collaborate with us over the years; we can do it now!

2009-08-02 (0 comments)


HOLLYWOOD, CA July 29th 2009 – 20 years after a critically acclaimed cult classic is released in theaters, homage is paid in tribute to the idea.

The Real UHF is taking the concept behind Weird AL and Jay Levey’s brainchild “UHF” and developing it into a full-time television network. ‘UHF’ was the story of a man destined for mediocrity despite his inspired imagination. This all changes when lady luck twists this man’s destiny into a blank television signal canvas. In the movie UHF, George Newman (‘Weird’ AL Yankovic) is handed control of a faltering television station which he turns into an overnight sensation due to the eccentric television shows Newman creates that gain the attention of the station’s local community.

Now, in 2009, a man destined for the same future is given control of Radio Recorders (the television studio where Elvis’ Jailhouse Rock was created) ,and creates four completely original television programs to air on their new home- The Real UHF (distributed via internet.


The Shows

The Dr. Demento show.

In 2010, Dr. Demento will celebrate his 40th year of producing and DJing novelty comedy songs and pop music parodies. Dr. Demento hosted a four-hour radio program on KMET from 1972-1983 that inspired a young AL Yankovic to indulge his ‘Weird’ side and start recording music. Dr. Demento has introduced thousands of new artists on the airwaves, but none have resonated as universally as Weird Al. Zack Wolk (owner of the Real UHF channel) says: “I grew up listening to AL and was subsequently turned on to Dr. Demento, I listened to the ‘Best of’ Dr. Demento until the tape wore itself out and always wished for the show to air on TV, so I could see these performances performed live.”

On August 3rd 2009 The Dr. Demento television program will become a reality as we bring cameras into Dr. Demento’s radio station where he plays original music videos instead of vinyl records, presents live performances, and interviews musicians and comedians. New shows every Monday at 9PM EST.

The Count Smokula Show

496 year-old undead, accordion-playing, ventriloquist, comic cult icon and Hollywood-based legend vampire, Count Smokula stars in this sketch-comedy series and will entertain special guests at his Castle and basement laboratory in Smokesylvania.

Count Smokula lives with his grandfather Vlad in their ancestor’s castle and throughout the season we are introduced to their friends, enemies, and potential soul mates as Count Smokula tries his ancient hand at Internet dating websites. Smokula teaches the audience about a wide variety of his trades, from music, science and art to philosophy, piracy and magic. Among the guests in the first season are George Clinton, Gerry Casale (DEVO) and Tom Green.

The series will also feature new Count Smokula musical numbers and music videos. Premiering August 4th, a new episode will air every Tuesday.

ALL Alone with Neil Hamburger!

America’s Funnyman has entertained audiences all across the globe with his unique spin on current events, pop culture and general social commentary. He has hosted a critically acclaimed television show from comedian Tom Green’s house and has opened Madison Square Garden for Tenacious D. Unfortunately; he has cancer and is going to die. :(

ALL Alone chronicles the potential last stand-up tour of his career as he travels across the US seeking common ground with another sentient being. This eight part series chronicles the comedian as he deals with undependable travel itinerary, ungrateful fans and the deeply felt (and expressed) reality that nobody will ever relate to him, as he has to rely on shilling his soul for ‘Gay Cigarettes’ and ‘New Age’ hair gel.

Caution to the attentive: ALL Alone should not be viewed by the depressed or the especially young. Airing August 5th for 8 weeks.

Product Talk

Newcomer Jeff Kevin is an enigma; nobody really knows who he is, or where he came from. Kevin hosts an infomercial talk show, introducing and interviewing his friends – the products that only he uses to make the world a better place, for him. August 6th.


The Real UHF

Conceived of, produced and funded by Zachary Wolk, The Real UHF aims to stimulate and entertain human beings. Zachary Wolk has been the talent booker for Tom Green Live (TV Guide award, Webby award) and has also worked with Tim and Eric on their show Awesome Show, Great Job! He currently resides in Long Beach with his fiancé and commutes to work with various collaborators.

The Real UHF is a community of artists who band together for the sole purpose of collaborating on artistic videos to try and prove that censorship brought about byfocus groups in the entertainment industry actually does more to stifle artists creatively and bore audiences.

There is no corporate sponsorship, and The Real UHF will be a viewer supported entity entirely

Zachary Wolk is available for interviews and comment


Creative Director
The Real UHF
ph (310) 938-2269
“Be the change you wish to see in the world” – Mohatma Gandhi

2009-08-02 (1 comment)

Al Fest a Success!

We had an absolute blast at Al Fest 2009!  Not only was it very cool seeing presentations by Dr. Demento and Bermuda Shwartz, but it was great seeing Jim West and Ruben Valtierra perform their own music. We also got to see our old pals Throwing Toasters, Raymond & Scum, Devo Spice and Tony Goldmark rock the stage. Plus, we got to meet Victoria Jackson, Gedde Wattenabe, David Bowie and Jay Levey from UHF.

A great day was had by all.  Weird Al fans are the greatest fans in the world!

Here’s our set list:

Hot Waffles Jingle/We Suck Live/The Yolk’s On You/Cows/The Night Weird Al Came To Town/George Lucas Raped Our Childhood

2009-07-30 (0 comments)

See Hot Waffles at ALFEST!

AL FEST, an international celebration of comedy music held in honor of comedy musician “Weird Al” Yankovic, will be held from 10 am to 10 pm Saturday, August 1, 2009 at the Holiday Inn in Costa Mesa, Calif. Admission is $50 per person age 11 and up, $30 for children 5 to 10. Tickets are available on the event website at www.alfest2009.com.

Dr. Demento, the comedy music DJ who first played Weird Al songs on the air on his nationally syndicated radio show, will open the event and share never before seen clips from his new show on the online television station called “The Real UHF.” Other highlights of the convention include a presentation by Jon “Bermuda” Schwartz, Yankovic’s drummer since 1981, a slack key guitar performance by Jim “Kimo” West, Yankovic’s guitar player since 1982, a performance by The Valtierra Latin Orchestra featuring Rubén Valtierra, Weird Al’s keyboard player, and a “UHF” 20th anniversary celebrity panel moderated by Dr. Demento and featuring actors Victoria Jackson, Gedde Watanabe and the film’s director/co-writer Jay Levey.

The last event of the evening will be a screening of Yankovic’s 1989 debut feature film and cult classic, “UHF”, complete with costumed participants acting out the action on screen in the style of the midnight shadow casting made popular by the fans of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.” In 2002 “UHF” (which Yankovic co-wrote and starred in) became an instant top ten bestseller upon its release on DVD.

Other events at AL FEST include live performances by comedy musicians, an auction of “Weird Al” memorabilia, photo op and autograph sessions with stars from UHF and some members of Yankovic’s band, and an Al fan variety show. Fans from across the United States , Europe and South America have already bought tickets to attend. To make the event truly global, organizers are offering free tickets to the first fans who register from Africa, Asia and Australia (airfare not included).

Three decades into his celebrated career, Yankovic is still going strong. He has created an Epcot-like attraction called “Al’s Brain: A Journey Through the Human Brain,” which will feature exhibits on the brain and a 3-D movie starring Yankovic. The attraction’s world premiere is July 10, 2009 at the Orange County Super Fair in Costa Mesa and will then travel to fairs and festivals throughout North America. Weird Al fans traveling to Southern California for AL FEST will have the opportunity to receive unlimited fast pass access (no waiting in line) to the “Al’s Brain” attraction at the OC Superfair for the Friday preceding or the Sunday following the event.

Yankovic (who is not scheduled to attend AL FEST) has reigned for three decades as the most successful musical comedy artist in history, with over 12 million albums sold, 3 Grammy Awards (9 nominations), 10 MTV/VH1 specials, his own feature film and CBS television series, and countless miles logged on tour.

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