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2009-01-22 (0 comments)

Obama in the White House

New Tone

Pete Souza/The White House

2009-01-21 (0 comments)

Demand Me Anywhere Around the World

I had an interesting correspondence from my Weeklies where I wrote: "Don't forget to make a demand to see me perform. I have a growing number of demands in Chicago and the Pacific Northwest. If I can pull in a good 20-30 people signed up there, or anywhere, I will be forced to come see you. Twist my arm. Ouch! Okay. I'll be there."

Allee responded: "...Twenty to thirty people and you'll perform anywhere? Promise? Because I could probably pull together more than that here in Japan..."

Marc: "LOL. Well, yes, I would be happy to play there. However, I guess I'd also need air travel paid for. So, let me rephrase, anywhere in the U.S., anywhere in the world if you pay for 2 airplane tickets and a hotel for the stay."

Allee: "I'll get on it. :-D"And she is! In fact, she's looking for other people  in Japan who would like to see me perform? If you are one such person in Japan, then contact Allee at awesolow86 [at} yahoo.com.

Now admittedly, not everywhere is the same. But I do love to travel. And Japan would kick butt! But I'd also be willing to do the same for Australia, Europe, Brazil, okay, most foreign countries, heck! I'd do that for Seattle or Boston or San Diego or Wyoming or Chicago. Lots of places. So if you're interested in that too, make your demand. Then put on the initiative and contact me! Let's work it out.

Originally published at Marc Gunn .com. Read. Interact. Breathe. It's easy; it's free.

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