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2009-02-02 (0 comments)

Heart's Ease CD Cover

The CD cover for my latest album Heart's Ease is done. I hope to send the album off to the printers before I leave for Arkansas and Texas. The photo is by Nancy e. Pearsall. The graphic design by James McDaniel II of Celtophilia. Look for the final CD in March.

Originally published at Marc Gunn .com. Read. Interact. Breathe. It's easy; it's free.

2009-02-02 (0 comments)

Marc Weeklies: Touring Texas as a Celtic American Musician

Happy Groundhog Day!

I have four shows scheduled this week in Little Rock, Dallas, Fort Worth, and Austin, then back home to start recording "Happy Songs of Death". I even learned a happy new depressing Scottish song for the album. I think I probably have too many songs, but gives me plenty of room to cut songs that aren't good enough. Or maybe I'll just make a follow up CD. Hehe!

Meantime, I spent this weekend recording a new song for The FuMP with lyrics by Spaff. It will be out in time for St. Patrick's Day.

This Week:
Marc at Four Winds
-- Quote of the Week: "Win the crowd and you will win your freedom." - Gladiator. Interesting phrase and oddly, very appropriate for a musician trying to make a living with their music.

-- CD of the Week: "The Moor of Dundee" by Leza Mesiah. I'm not sure what it is about this CD. I never listen straight through, but whenever a song pops up by Leza, I say, "Damn, I love that!" I think it has a lot to do with the fact that folk music is just not heard much any more. It's morphed so much that that every folk artist has a full drum set included in the recording. About the only place you can find true folk music in the states is at a Renaissance festival. Leza invokes the spirit of the 60s Folk Revival in performance and recording style on this cool, folky album. Oh! And I love her character at Scarborough Faire. Go meet The Moor of Dundee there, and tell her I said, "hi."

-- Special Features: I was featured on the Podcast Fun Show with my recording of "Rattlin Bog" and "Tiziano Gunn". Radio De Danaan has my music scheduled for play. Paul Chens' Whispering site lists me as a favorite. Keo BloG featured my Celtic podcast. Not Picture Perfect featured my cat version of "Danny Boy". Old Toby featured some of my hobbity songs. Wander Radio played with "Catnipped Kitty". Joss'd #27 played "Monahan's Mudder's Milk". Finally, Dr. Demento feature of "A Drop of Vulcan Blood" in last week's show.

-- Become a Patron of the Marc. I updated my "Patron of the Arts" webpage with some new info about patronage.

-- Autoharp Murder Mystery. Murder On the Silver Comet Trail is a new mystery where he main character plays an autoharp. I haven't read it, but sounds cool!

-- Video of the Week: Niphead. A cat video playing "Catnipped Kitty".

-- 100 Fascinating Celtic Culture, Language & Lit Blogs. The Pub Songs Podcast was picked for as one of the 100 Fascinating Celtic Culture, Language & Lit Blogs. It's a good list, including sites like Celtic Ways, Celtophilia, the Celtic Myth Podshow and many more.

-- Seven Trees is trying to build the demands for me in the Pacific Northwest.

-- Celtic Invasion of Italy. The deadline to join this Invasion is February 23rd, Mardi Gras. Funny that. And the date is fast approaching... hehe. Hey! I thought it was funny!

-- Irish & Celtic Music Podcast Now on Facebook

-- CD Reviews: "Sham Rock" by Beatnik Turtle, "The Big Spree" by Breabach, "As I Roved Out" by The Langer's Ball, "Live At Painted Sky" by Banshee In The Kitchen, "Pacifica" by Amadan

-- Free Celtic MP3s from the Celtic MP3s Music Magazine: "Flenderson's Revenge" by Ryan M. Barnes, "Aftermath of the Pumpkin Wars" by FiddleSticks, "Dance Around" by Claire Tchaikowski, "Rocky Road to Dublin" by aBuck63, "Tony" by Heidi Jane, "I Am A Selkie" by BardicRose

-- UPCOMING GIGS. Added a new show in Destin, Florida. Not sure how many more new shows there will be until June. So jump on top of these asap!

2.04 (LITTLE ROCK, AR) Studio Joe
2.05 (DALLAS, TX) Tipperary Inn
2.07 (WATAUGA, TX) House Concert
2.08 (AUSTIN, TX) Things Celtic
2.15 (NEW ORLEANS, LA) The Kerry Irish Pub
2.27 (NEW ORLEANS, LA) The Kerry Irish Pub
2.28 (DESTIN, FL) House Concert
3.6-8 (BLOOMINGTON, MN) MarsCon 2009
3.26-29 (COLLEGE STATION, TX) AggieCon 40
4.3-5 (BRENTWOOD, NY) I-Con
4.17-19 (DENVER, CO) StarFest
5.13-22 (TUSCANY, ITALY) Celtic Invasion of Italy

Don't forget to make a demand to see me perform. I have a growing number of demands in Chicago and the Pacific Northwest. If I can pull in a good 20-30 people signed up there, or anywhere, I will be forced to come see you. Twist my arm. Ouch! Okay. I'll be there.

-- Check me out on Sunset Connoisseurs Society, Myspace, SoundClick, Demand a Show on Eventful, Wikipedia, Twitter, Facebook, Livejournal, Sonicbids, and DeviantArt. And if you'd like a CD...


-- Do you have a quote, movie, album, tip or suggestion that you'd like to share in my Weeklies? If so, post a comment with your suggestion here.

Originally published at Marc Gunn .com. Read. Interact. Breathe. It's easy; it's free.

2009-02-01 (0 comments)

House Concert in Destin, FL

I have another house concert booked in Destin on February 28th. 
Details will be coming soon.

2009-01-28 (0 comments)

MarsCon Dementia Music Schedule

Here's the Dementia Track Main Stage Concert Schedule for MarsCon. Yes, I only have one show scheduled. But you never know where else I'll pop up or play song.

(Sometime in the afternoon – Possible Oscar set up & sound check)
9:00 pm – MARC GUNN (30 minutes)
9:30 pm - POSSIBLE OSCAR (30 minutes)
10:00 pm – POSITIVE ATTITUDE (30 minutes)
10:30 pm - Luke Ski presents: HOT SNACK TIME (15 minutes)
10:45 pm - {15 minute set-up/tear down/buffer-time break}
11:00 pm - DEVO SPICE (aka SUDDEN DEATH) (30 minutes)
11:30 pm - WORM QUARTET (30 minutes)
(Ends at Midnight)

1:45 pm - {break for set-up, approx 15 min.} (MC Lars, Power Salad, Luke Ski)
2:00 pm - POWER SALAD (30 minutes)
2:30 pm - THE GREAT LUKE SKI (30 minutes)
3:00 pm - MC LARS (45 minutes)
3:45 pm - {break for tear-down & set-up, approx 15 min.}
4:00 pm – THE FENG SHUI NINJAS (30 minutes)
4:30 pm - {break for tear-down & set-up, approx 15 min.}
4:45 pm - Music Guest of Honor WALLY PLEASANT (60 minutes)
5:45 pm - {break for tear-down & set-up, approx 15 min.}
(6pm Masq set-up begins)

1:00 pm - CARRIE DAHLBY (30 minutes)
1:30 pm - ROB BALDER (30 minutes)
2:00 pm - DEMENTIA SMACKDOWN (60 minutes)
3:00 pm - {15 minute set-up/tear down/buffer-time break}
3:15 pm - Closing Ceremonies
3:30 pm - THE FuMP SIDESHOW, featuring DJ PARTICLE, SOGGY POTATO CHIPS, INSANE IAN, BETH KINDERMAN, and more to be announced. (Each act gets 9 minutes)
(Ends at 4:30 pm)

2009-01-26 (0 comments)

Pub Songs Podcast #4.02 - How I Fell in Love with Cats and Celtic Music

Ask a question, and I will try to answer it like I did when Donna asked how I got into Irish music and cats. Visit PubSong.com to download.


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