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2015-11-11 (0 comments)

Hot News: Howard Stern, Tampon Ornaments + The List


Here is a round up of some of the most exciting things going on associated with my comedy and work right now…

There is no better way I can think of to have been woken up this morning than to Howard Stern intro-ing the song “Wackin Off Tonight” that I did with Little Mikey (a regular song parody contributor) on The Howard Stern Show. My heart soared with joy. Finally! A place where I can be my utterly sordid silly self and no one cares, and in fact, it’s even encouraged. I’ve been listening to the Stern Show since I was 19, and to hear my own voice on the show all these years later was a beautiful thing, as nasty as the song may be. You can hear the segment here, on my Soundcloud page.

Keep an eye out for my face in the Nov. 18 issue of Time Out NY. I had a great time with the photographer, David Williams, who came over yesterday and took my photo. He is also a manly cat lover and has an awesome book coming out in Feb called “Men with Cats”.

Next Wednesday, I’ll be performing as part of Wit & Whiskey, an event geared towards sharing a new commercial that was filmed for the holidays, starring myself and my family trying Laphroaig for the first time. It will go live soon and I’ll share the link when it’s up. If you are an area alcohol buyer or a member of the press, email me for an invite. There will be a drink there named The Delfino:

  • 2 oz Laphroaig Select
  • .25 oz Sarsaparilla Syrup
  • 2 dash Angostura
  • rocks glass, Orange twist
Bride and groom kissing amongst rose petals in air, outdoors

Bride and groom kissing amongst rose petals in air, outdoors

I’m performing this 1/2 solo show, 1/2 dating workshop with Kathryn Dunn (comedian, dating coach) and Jianna Heuer (psychiatrist and relationship counselor). The show is about how to manifest the man of your dreams, and talks about my true love story which was featured in New York Times Vows. Tickets are $20 suggested donation, and you can buy them at the door. The event is at 105 Henry Street in Chinatown, downtown NYC. F to East Broadway. You can see more details here.


It’s that time of year again when you can order your holiday tampon ornaments. This adorable and disturbing ornament comes in all different shapes, such as White Santa, Black Santa, Star of David, Snowman, Christmas Tree and many more. You can see more details here or order them on my Etsy page. Want to come buy them from me in person? I’ll be selling them at these places this season:

Wed Nov.  18
Laphroaig’s Wit & Whiskey
By invitation only (email me)
7 PM
Every Tuesday in December
(Dec. 1, 8, 15, 22, probably not the 29th but not sure yet)
Holiday Market @ Union Square, NY, NY
5-7 PM
Sunday Dec. 6
Holiday Market @ St. Vitus, BK, NY
2-6 PM
Sunday, December 13th
Christmas Bazaar @ The Bell House, BK, NY
11am to 6pm

2015-09-14 (0 comments)

A Record Breaking, Trash Bag Full of Comedy + Press This Week









This was a big week for comedy and press for me. Last week, I was walking and a shirtless weirdo complimented me and I said thank you but that wasn’t enough—he decided to follow me for a block and then was even emboldened to put his arm around me, not leaving me alone until I told him I am married.

I was livid but kept my composure. I was on Periscope (I broadcast from @jessicadelfino most days around noon and also other times) doing a live stream broadcast, and I didn’t want the viewers to see my nervousness. I calmed down quickly but quipped with viewers about the experience. One suggested it wouldn’t have happened to me if I was “ugly”. I disagreed, saying that I bet a woman could wear a garbage bag around the city and would still get harassed. Another viewer, a friend and fellow Periscoper @GeoffGolberg, suggested I Periscope that, so I did, with a little video help from my pal Bill Scurry.

Once it was all said and done, I wrote about the experience on Mashable and they also posted the video that Bill shot and edited, which was picked up by Someecards.com, Refinery29.com, MetroUK and more.







The video now has almost 30k+ views on YouTube, and mixed reviews. Someone called me narcissistic, which I don’t think I am, but if you disagree, but so? Does that mean I deserve to get harassed on the street? Another commenter said I had nice legs, which for some reason didn’t irritate me as much in typed form as it would have if it were sneered into my face as I was trying to go about my busy day.

The other exciting thing that happened was, I had an idea to take an indepth and exaggerated look at being a comedian in NYC by performing as many comedy sets as I could in one night. Bill, my trusty video man and I set out late in the afternoon on Thursday September 10th in the rain. I was aiming for 16 comedy sets, and I believe I hit it, but I lost count. Luckily, we got it all on film and will sort through it later. I definitely performed more than 13 sets, which was comedians Steve Byrne’s record set in 2003, which he documented in a great little short called “13 or Bust” (which you can watch for free online) and as far as we know, was the record for most comedy sets performed in one night.11999069_10206200568106313_1864349404740381915_n

Aaron Berg and I, around 13 sets into my night, at Greenwich Village Comedy Club, NYC.
Photo credit: Nicky Sunshine

As I was getting ready for my big night, comedy blogger Sean McCarthy told me that another comedian, Aaron Berg had also been planning to go for the record, and would be attempting it just 2 days after me, on Saturday night. I was gobsmacked. Sean wrote a piece about it on his all things comedy based website, The Comic’s Comic.

Aaron set out to set his set record this past Saturday, and as far as I know, he hit his goal of 20 something sets. Which, never to be outdone, just means I might have to try again in the near future. Congrats Aaron, enjoy it! I may be coming back to reclaim the title at a later date.

In the meantime, I’m the women with the most comedy sets performed in one night in NYC and the person with the most comedy music sets performed in one night in NYC.

Plugs! Plugs! Plugs!

I’ll be performing live this coming weekend Sept 18-21 at Symbiosis Fest (along with the Yes Men and more) in Oakdale, CA [schedule]

Other upcoming show dates are here.

2015-08-03 (0 comments)


A few weeks ago, I took my “Human Jukebox” jam-time to the internet for the first time and I’ve been delighted by the response. Turns out people just LOVE covers, which is why wedding and bar bands are bringing in the big bucks. And I LOVE making fun of covers so it’s a copacetic relationship.

I am lucky (?) to have a crazy good ear; I have an almost photographic memory for music. Any song that I’ve pretty much ever heard on the radio, even just a time or two, I remember. I remember the chords, the lyrics and can figure out how to play it on guitar or ukulele (and sometimes piano, singing saw, etc) with ease. If only there was a way to be the first to monetize this billion dollar industry in the making!

For the past few years, I’ve been honing this nearly useless skill. That’s not true–there are uses to it. For example, who entertains the family at Thanksgiving with ukulele karaoke? This girl. Who uses the skill to help her many music students play songs that she can’t find the chords to line? You’re looking at her [blog]. That’s right. Moi. Who has started doing the Human Jukebox on Periscope for the masses? I did!

I call it “The Human Jukebox” and turns out, it’s super fun, and other people besides my mom and all my aunts enjoy it, too!

Below is a PDF document of all the songs that were requested and many of which were played in today’s episode of The Human Jukebox on my Periscope feed. There are also some shout outs, rules to the game and more.

[Song list / Shout outs 8.3.15]

What songs would you have wanted to see get played? Do you want to toss some out? Easy! Follow me on Twitter / Periscope @jessicadelfino and jump on next time. I have been doing Human Jukebox a few times a week because people seem to dig it. I like to do it around lunchtime and around 8 PM. Days vary but I’ll have a schedule up soon.

Catch Human Jukebox LIVE–check out the calendar at theUnicornNYC.com and stop by The Unicorn when the live show is on. I do it every Monday night at around 8:30 PM, and on Periscope a couple times per week. August 16, I’ll be doing a staged version of a related show called “Great American Wrong Book” where I play songs and make fun of them.


2015-05-21 (0 comments)

Life Update – WFMU, Jim Gaffigan Show, NY Funny Songs Fest

Life Update art

Hey, person or people reading this. Not hey as in, “Hey!” (note the not all caps)
It’s more hey like, “heeeyyy”. Like the way a stoned cat might say it. Like the Cheshire cat.
Or Garfield after eating a tray of lasagna.

I don’t write on my blog as much as I used to. I’ve gotten more realistic in my older age and it has dawned on me that not as many people are reading this as I pretend are. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to write about what’s going on in my life for the upwards of 7 people who ARE reading it.

Few things: 

- I’m hosting a show on WFMU this coming Monday. Want to call in? Let me know.
- I have been a featured regular extra on the Jim Gaffigan show. That means I have stood near Jim a few times during the filming of his awesome show. I think it’s going to be a hit!
You can watch the first episode here, free.

JD on Gaffigan Show

- The NY Funny Songs Fest is rapidly approaching, May 28-30. Tickets are free to $20. This is the 4th year I’ve produced this comedy music festival. I made it to help my friends and I have more places to perform because a lot of comedy clubs are reluctant to book comedic musicians. I put a butt ton of work into it but since I’m kind of a shitty business person, it hasn’t exploded yet. Do you want to advise me? Take over this festival? Let’s talk.

- I think I might be pregnant. More on that later.

OK enjoy your Thursday, everyone! And happy Memorial Day weekend.

2015-04-30 (0 comments)

Presenting The Unicorn in Chinatown


I have been performing in NYC for the last 15ish or so years and I love being here! I love the Lower East Side where it meets Chinatown, where I have called home for over the last decade. (I call it Lower East Chinatown.)


I’ve watched it change, and I’ve been part of that change. And now I’m going to be even more of the part of that change. As condos and Starbucks enter the neighborhood at a spectacular rate, I am bringing an indie performance space to the neighborhood and calling it The Unicorn. It is a unique, creative space and there is nothing like it in the area. By day, music lessons, classes and events will take place. At night, performances, readings and shows will happen. Most will have a musical or comedic slant. The space will also be available for rentals.

The Unicorn Card

It is located at 105 Henry Street in a former Chinese bodega that I’ve remodeled, and not to toot my own horn, but it looks amazing. I am having a party on Thursday May 7th, swing by and check the place out. On Saturday May 9th, I’ll have an open house event. Do drop in and sign up for a guitar, ukulele or music lesson, or talk to me about an event that you’d like to produce. Check out our wall of instruments and say hi.


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