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2009-02-13 (0 comments)

Dementia Radio jingle sheet music auction - Holy Crap! :-)

So I surf over to the page to see how the Marscon fundraiser auction is doing.............Dayum!, I wish I was actually selling this! :-D But it's fer a good cause, to get your fave Dementia Track artists' travel expenses helped-out-with...It's up to a staggering $202.50!!!!!! There's less than 2 days left, so get those bids in!!!

Clicky Clicky!

Thanks to all bidders!!!

2009-02-13 (0 comments)

IT'S MONK TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't scream loudly enough about this band, despite that they existed only til 1967 and only released one album and 2 singles in Germany...but their influence is felt in music to this day...This is The Monks during their reunion phase, playing a concert club in England in 2006 as part of a 60s garage fest. Not present: Larry Clark, organ and Roger Johnston (d. 2004), drums. Eddie Shaw - bass, Gary Burger - guitar, Dave Day Havlicek (d. 2008) - electric banjo. Check out the documentary "monks: the transatlantic feedback" at www.playloud.org and the band's interesting history at www.the-monks.com. Like "outsider music", this is music on another plane - yes it is rock but bridges the gap between beat music and rock music, yet goes off on a tangent. It is monk music. "Higgle-Dy Piggle-Dy" LIVE 2006. It's Beat Time, It's Hop Time, IT'S MONK TIME!!!!!!!!

2009-02-12 (0 comments)

OK here's another crack at "Invincible"

This is a direct URL to Episode 12 (the other one was 11).


and an embed of </div>
12 just in case.

2009-02-12 (0 comments)

uhhhhhh, like, I'm in this!

I'm the dorky science teacher. Heh - and I didn't even do that well in science!!!!

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