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2009-03-09 (0 comments)

Thanks again for having me, great to see y'all!!!!!

I'm a little too tired and slightly sick to do any sort of Con retort - er, report (think I caught a teeny bit of either con crud or Shoebox-itis, as Luke will attest to when he saw me this morning starting to foam at the mouth and I had to say a quick goodbye before I ran into the public men's room and blew Khan's all over one of the stalls. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Between that and having to go "number 3" all day - - - -right Emi??? - - -it was a tough day and night of traveling, and I'm glad to be home.)

I will say that it was really super to be made to feel SO welcome from everyone, from Luke & Wyngarde to all my fellow comedy musicians to all the fans, Dementia Radio folks & general happy nutjobs, makes it worthwhile. You guys are a total Stone Groove!

So it's I-CON next with Marc Gunn, Devo and ShoEboX, then talks are going on for Penguicon. After that it's CONfluence in Pittsburgh in July with Toyboat and unknown-yet-to-me others.

I'll be putting the Food Show EP up for download on marianth.com very soon, as soon as I get the tracks to Sara. All the others are there in physical and digital form.

Thanks again to everyone, it was a total blast.

Lemon curry?

2009-03-05 (0 comments)

Marscon Hooooooooooooo….

Originally published at Power Salad. You can comment here or there.

well, tomorrow morning anyway! I will be flying out from Wilmington to Minneapolis, arriving early afternoon and ready to bring the funny! Lots of other attendees are already on their way on the highways & byways, so safe travels to all! I will be performing my set Saturday afternoon at 2pm CT (3pm ET), and as far as I know, the weekend’s festivities will be broadcast LIVE on Dementia Radio, http://dementiaradio.org - so make sure to tune in early and often to catch ALL the demented acts and other goings on! I will be premiering my new single “The Food Show”/”Clean Attic Blues” as well as some other handpicked Salad - um, favorites?? Not to mention my performing alongside my comedy friends….Gonna be a blast, so stay close and keep it fun!!!! Til next time…………

2009-02-26 (0 comments)

Birthy Hapday Devo Spice!

May the eternal demented groove keep on keepin' on in your day to day.........................uh, what was I saying?

Enjoy, and many funny more.

2009-02-24 (0 comments)

Cream Cheese Library tonight at 9pm ET!!

Tune on in! http://dementiaradio.org:8027 or http://dementiaradio.org:8000. Special stuff tonight including 2 Power Salad world premieres!!!

2009-02-23 (0 comments)

WHOA - I just saw Larry Weaver on a TV commercial!

So I'm sitting here eating dinner and watching Family Guy, and during the commercial break I look up and see Larry Weaver acting in a spot for some sort of North Carolina voting something or other. Weird!

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