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2009-03-26 (0 comments)

Doubt it, but...Any FuMPers interested in doing something on vinyl???

Don't know why but I seem to have caught the vinyl bug again, notwithstanding the fact that I still have 250-300 copies of "Co-dependency" sitting in my house, more my fault than anything else, for not pushing em at the time - HOWEVER - since we're talking about many different fanbases, and that Facebook is becoming quite widespread, was wondering if anyone might be interested in doing some sort of FuMP (or unFuMP, whichever is feather-ruffling-free) comedy vinyl compilation? Most likely to offset the costs it'd be one of those "pay X dollars to get onto the album, then either buy copies at wholesale or split sales" type of things. Could go as low as 100 copies.

Just an idear, I know vinyl can be a tough sell in the immediate world of downloads, but many vinyl plants are also adding 320k MP3s to their packages, and since it seems to be coming back, who knows! Might just not be a good idea at this time economy-wise, but since I've done it once, I figure I have juuuuuuust enough experience to broker a pressing deal. Could be all for naught, but if anyone is interested let me know. I may or may not even go ahead with it, but just throwing it up out there. Confused enough?


2009-03-24 (0 comments)

Tune into Cream Cheese Library tonight at 9pm ET!

I'll be doin' it all over again tonight at 9pm ET on Dementia Radio, http://dementiaradio.org:8027 - - we'll be celebrating William Shatner's birthday, featuring the Most Wanted and Most Unwanted Songs, and of course there'll be MONK TIME!!!!!! And as always I'll be in #dementia on IRC, or www.dementiaradio.org/irc.html . WooHoo! Tune in!

2009-03-22 (0 comments)

International Talk Like William Shatner Day!!!!!!!!!!

2009-03-21 (0 comments)

Apologies to Baldbox......

...for the caption on the new userpic. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!

2009-03-14 (0 comments)

This one's fer Luke!!! :-D

Uh huh. Uh huh.

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