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Sudden Death

About Sudden Death

NOTE: In 2008 Tom Rockwell decided to drop the name Sudden Death and continue recording and performing under his nickname Devo Spice.

Sudden Death is one of the premiere musical comedy acts on the scene today. Fronted by comedian Tom Rockwell of New Jersey Sudden Death has become one of the most popular artists on the nationally syndicated Dr. Demento Show. Their songs "Cellular Degeneration", "Getting Old Sucks" and "Pillagers" were the numbers 1, 2, and 4 most requested songs on Dr. Demento in 2007.

Sudden Death broke onto the scene in 1998 when "South Park Junkie"- the first song Dr. Demento aired about South park- became the 4th most requested song of the year. Since then Sudden Death has had several number one hits on the show including "Spam," a song about junk emails, and "Cellular Degeneration," a rant about cell phones that do everything but make phone calls.

Sudden Death performs regularly across the country at music clubs, comedy clubs, and science fiction conventions. The live show features Tom Rockwell usually performing solo along with videos and animations synchronized with the music. The show often features costume changes, props, and even puppets. The end result is a hilarious show that goes over very well for a variety of audiences.

In 2008 Sudden Death released a new album called Fatal Error which features the songs mentioned above plus other hilarious original songs and parodies.

In 2007 Sudden Death became a Core member of The Funny Music Project, or The FuMP (http://www.thefump.com) which releases 2 songs every week for free under a Creative Commons license.

For more information on Sudden Death please visit the artist's web site at: http://www.devospice.com

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Fatal Error

Sudden Death
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Die Laughing

Sudden Death
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Fatal Accident Zone

Sudden Death
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2008-03-07 (26 comments)
Sudden Death Why Can't I Shoot The Dog
featuring The Gothsicles
2008-01-25 (28 comments)
Sudden Death Take Back The Music
featuring Possible Oscar
2007-12-28 (23 comments)
Sudden Death Longer
2007-11-27 (24 comments)
Sudden Death My Atari
featuring Worm Quartet
2007-10-30 (17 comments)
Sudden Death Blood Guts and Boobs This song contains language that may be objectionable to some listeners and may not be suitable for radio broadcast.
2007-08-31 (28 comments)
Sudden Death I'm On It (Wikipedia) This song contains language that may be objectionable to some listeners and may not be suitable for radio broadcast.
featuring Rob Balder
2007-07-20 (20 comments)
Sudden Death Getting Old Sucks
2007-06-01 (18 comments)
Sudden Death Pillagers
2007-04-13 (20 comments)
Sudden Death This song contains topics that may be objectionable to some listeners and may not be suitable for radio broadcast.  Squeamish people should not listen to this song. This song has been marked as squick and therefore potentially highly offensive.

I want to hear this song.

featuring Carrie Dahlby
2007-03-16 (11 comments)
Sudden Death World Robot Domination
2007-02-20 (17 comments)
Sudden Death Pac-Man
2007-01-12 (15 comments)
Sudden Death Cellular Degeneration
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