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2016-05-03 (0 comments)
Smashy Claw The Tom Holland Song
He does not quite do whatever a spider can.

2016-04-29 (1 comment)
Bolonium Banana Peels are Slippery
2016-04-26 (8 comments)
Devo Spice Nothin' But Truth
featuring Bonecage
2016-04-22 (4 comments)
Power Salad Visigoth Prize Wheel
2016-04-19 (2 comments)
Holy Bongwater Feel the Bern (In Your Bong)
2016-04-15 (4 comments)
Insane Ian 48 Hours of Pork
2016-04-12 (7 comments)
Max DeGroot Spicy
2016-04-08 (2 comments)
Lemon Demon Reaganomics
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2016-05-01 (0 comments)
Mini Nifty Futuristic Looping
More songs in the Sideshow!
2016-04-23 Devo Spice
30 Years of Sudden Death

On April 23, 1986 I was on the bus with my friends Dave and Scott. I casually leaned over to them and said "Hey, we should form a rap group." They said "OK." And the rest is history! Well, not really. But the fact remains that it was 30 years ago today that I started on the path that would lead me to producing hundreds of comedy songs, releasing a dozen albums, performing in front of hundreds and occasionally thousands of people, and having multiple #1 songs on the Dr. Demento Show.

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Sudden Death I have posted the entire Sudden Death catalog on Bandcamp at http://suddendeathrap.bandcamp.com. These are the original mixes from the original releases, not the specially remastered ones for Rhythms from the Crypt. All eight Sudden Death albums are there from Dead Things Can Rap Too (1992) to Fatal Error (2008).

Additionally, the remaining Sudden Death CDs are 30% off for the next month. Fatal Error, Die Laughing, and Fatal Accident Zone are now just $6.99 over at The FuMP.

If you've been with me since the beginning, or even early on, thank you so much for coming along for the ride! If you weren't, thank you for joining at whatever point you came in! This is your chance to catch up on whatever you may have missed.

I'm truly honored and humbled to have had so much support over the years from so many awesome fans and people in the industry. While I have never made much money doing this I absolutely love doing it and can't imagine ever doing anything else. So here's to (at least) another thirty years of comedy rap! I will put down this microphone when you can pry it out of my cold dead hands!
2016-04-19 Smashy Claw
Claw Machine 16 - Cogs
2016-03-22 Hot Waffles
First Megathruster Music Video!
Hello FuMP friends! Chris Waffle here! My new nerd rock duo, MEGATHRUSTER, is set for blast off. The full length album is coming soon...but here is the first music video to give you a taste! Enjoy!

www.megathruster.com is where the action happens. See you all at Fumpfest!

2016-02-29 Lemon Demon
SPIRIT PHONE - A Terrifying New Album by Lemon Demon


The long awaited new Lemon Demon album is finally here! Buy it today! The download comes with 13 bonus tracks.

Track list:
1. Lifetime Achievement Award
2. Touch-Tone Telephone
3. Cabinet Man
4. No Eyed Girl
5. When He Died
6. Sweet Bod
7. Eighth Wonder
8. Ancient Aliens
9. Soft Fuzzy Man
10. As Your Father I Expressly Forbid It
11. I Earn My Life
12. Reaganomics
13. Man-Made Object
14. Spiral of Ants
2016-02-11 Dino-Mike
Pre-Order my new album at www.dino-mike.com!

ANALBUM photo ANALBUM Cover digital.jpg

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