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2018-10-12 (0 comments)
The Gothsicles IDDQD
This song is about god mode for Doom. 1993 all over the place. VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YzSh-i0z5vg

2018-10-09 (2 comments)
BS de Resistance What's In It For Me This song contains language that may be objectionable to some listeners and may not be suitable for radio broadcast.
2018-10-05 (5 comments)
Jeff Whitmire Tickets for 'Weird Al' in Sarasota
2018-10-02 (3 comments)
Lemon Demon Lifetime Achievement Award
2018-09-28 (2 comments)
Nuclear Bubble Wrap Lizards in the Sky (Live at FuMPFest)
2018-09-25 (2 comments)
Consortium Of Genius Learn To Speak Binary
featuring Pinkertron
2018-09-21 (1 comment)
Steve Goodie Vote, Goddammit! This song contains language that may be objectionable to some listeners and may not be suitable for radio broadcast.
2018-09-18 (0 comments)
The Belle Isle Rats Reasonably Good
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2018-09-30 (0 comments)
The Nightsicles Metal Slime
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2018-10-15 Nuclear Bubble Wrap
Logan Whitehurst Stretch Goal Update: The Mini Album of Luv!


Pledge here.

We're going for the stretch goal of putting the companion EP, The Mini Album of Luv on vinyl. Here's how it works:

If we can make it to $14,000 (that's $4,000 on top of our initial goal), we will press an extremely limited run of The Mini Album of Luv on both vinyl and cassette tape. The way it will work for backers:

-EVERY REWARD TIER will receive a copy of The Mini Album of Luv on cassette, as a token of our appreciation.

-ANY REWARD TIERS that include the vinyl LP of Goodbye My 4-Track will receive a vinyl copy of The Mini Album of Luv as well. This applies to the $100, $250, and $400 bundle rewards as well as the regular "LP" reward tier, or any reward tiers such as "LP + CD," etc. Bottom line: if we make it to $14,000, and your reward includes the Goodbye My 4-Track vinyl, you're getting a Mini Album vinyl too!

-THE TEST PRESSING BUNDLE will also include a vinyl test pressing of The Mini Album of Luv.

Thank you so much for the enthusiastic response we've gotten on this campaign!
2018-10-02 Nuclear Bubble Wrap
Logan Whitehurst & The Junior Science Club – Goodbye, My 4-Track Kickstarter

Logan Whitehurst's music was our inspiration for starting this record label.

Logan was a songwriting, graphic designing, multi-instrument beholding wizard of the light-heartedly absurd. He was known as the drummer for bands like Little Tin Frog and The Velvet Teen, but it was his original work that struck a chord with us. His music was an ever-changing stew of genre, his lyrics could be silly and hilarious on one track then poignant and beautiful on the next. His music was comparable to artists such as Lemon DemonThey Might Be Giants, and Jonathan Coulton.

In December 2006, Logan passed away from brain cancer at 29. In the years since, we've covered his songs and mimicked his unquestionably unique style. There was even an award named after him. We cherish the work he left behind.

Though Logan released many albums in his lifetime, few held together as a concise piece of art quite like 2003’s Goodbye, My 4-Track. The 21-track masterpiece deftly portrayed the full breadth of Logan’s talent. Iconic purveyor of radio buffoonery Dr. Demento has even referred to this album as the “Sgt. Pepper’s of comedy music”. Late last year, we realized that it never was given a proper LP release. We believe this album really deserves it.

You can stream the album on YouTube here.

And so, with the support and assistance of Logan’s family and friends, Needlejuice aims to re-issue the album on vinyl LP, CD, and cassette. We aim to make this the best possible package across all three formats. To do that, we need your help. We're looking to raise $10,000 over the next 30 days to fund the pressing, as well as a vinyl re-master from the original CD audio. In addition to the album proper, doing this release as a Kickstarter also allows us to provide some exclusive rewards.

The vinyl LP will be available on "Lizard Green & Fish Orange" 180-gram colored vinyl with full-color gatefold sleeve and lyric inserts. It will also include a retrospective forward by Dr. Demento.


An incredibly limited CD run of The Mini-Album of Luv, Goodbye, My 4-Track's original companion disc.

Dr. Demento has given us a very limited amount of the long-out-of-print Basement Tapes compilations that feature songs by Logan.

As a special reward, Logan's family has provided a box of rare promo posters from the original 2003 release.

If you'd like to help us make this release a reality, please make a pledge to the Kickstarter campaign.

2018-09-24 Devo Spice
New Devo Spice Shirt Available for a *VERY* Limited Time

Devo Spice is making up more of the shirts that he usually performs in. Since some people have expressed interest in getting their own he is making it available to order. However, he has to place the order soon, so it will only be available for sale for a day or so. So get your order in now!

2018-08-20 the great Luke Ski
Members of the FuMP ask you to support the Aquabats Kickstarter!

A video plea from members of The FuMP asking you to donate to The Aquabats! Super Kickstarter before Sept. 1st! Even $1 will help them bring music, fun & super action to the world! This video features FuMP acts the great Luke Ski, Carrie Dahlby, TV's Kyle & Linzilla, Jace McClain of Nuclear Bubble Wrap, & MC Lars! #BringBackTheAquabats #WeAreTheAquabats Please share this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6LfoEWHszmA), and the link to the Kickstarter http://www.wearetheaquabats.com! Thanks everyone!

2018-07-21 Devo Spice
The FuMP Volume 69 Now Available
The FuMP Volume 69 is now shipping. CDs went out today to subscribers. The rest of you can order your copy either on CD or as a digital download from the store by clicking here.

This album features all the songs posted during May and June of 2018 including "The Long Pig" by Killy Dwyer, "Dotard Featherhead" by Joe J Thomas, and "It's Hot as Balls Outside" the first new sketch in over six years by Cirque du So What.

This album also features a 20 minute behind-the-scenes video from FuMPFest 2018 and, exclusive to this compilation, is a dance remix of the Consortium of Genius song "Robot Party."
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