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2015-11-24 (3 comments)
Mike McCormick Movember This song contains language that may be objectionable to some listeners and may not be suitable for radio broadcast.
Movember is a great idea, having men grow unique mustaches and raising money for prostate cancer research. However, if you don't regularly grow facial hair, it can be an issue.

(FuMP Edit: Here is the link to Mike's "moSpace" campaign.)

2015-11-22 (3 comments)
Project Sisyphus Beneath It All (Song Of The Miner)
2015-11-20 (5 comments)
Insane Ian The Hunger Games
2015-11-17 (7 comments)
Bonecage Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki (new Subway theme) This song contains language that may be objectionable to some listeners and may not be suitable for radio broadcast.
2015-11-13 (9 comments)
Dino-Mike Don't Be Obscene
2015-11-10 (9 comments)
Steve Goodie I Just Sneezed In My Pie
2015-11-06 (12 comments)
MC Lars The Top 10 Things to Never Say on a First Date
2015-11-03 (4 comments)
Nuclear Bubble Wrap Creating Drama for the Wolves
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2015-11-25 (0 comments)
Darren Chraplak The Darren Rap
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2015-11-20 Project Sisyphus
Believe It “Ore” Not: Project Sisyphus releases new song inspired by “The 33” movie
Project Sisyphus, famous many years ago for funny songs about pit bulls and Garageband software, is offering their first song in several years: a new release from the cast album of “Hole Lotta Love: A Chilean Mining Musical.” The dubious theatrical work opened - and closed - in 2010. “With 'The 33' film now in theaters, we felt the timing was right for this,” explained Bob Emmet, Project Sisyphus songwriter and pianoneer, who felt the news story had been under-exploited at the time despite three months of non-stop coverage on every news channel as well as several major book deals and the aforementioned film. The song represents a possible comeback for the artist, who has struggled to maintain its ability to parody songs in an age when, increasingly, so many songs appeared to be parodying themselves. Although talks of a comeback are admittedly premature, some promising planned future releases include an ode to today's trend of gender reassignment and an inspirational piece to raise awareness for the world's dwindling helium supply. The song will be released this Sunday, November 22, to celebrate the film's first (and possibly, last) week in theaters.
2015-11-17 Devo Spice
Devo Spice Launches Kickstarter for Video Game
Some time ago my son came up with an idea for a video game and I have been working on it ever since. Now we need your help to finish it.

Visit our Kickstarter page and you can help bring a young boy's vision to life. A pledge of just $4 gets you a copy of the game. You can also name a character or appear in the game as a pixellated graphic.

We are looking to raise $1750 which is what it will cost us to hire a developer to finish the game. The campaign ends on December 8th. My son Darren is really excited about this, and so am I. Please help us out either by pledging or by spreading the word. The URL you can give out is http://tiny.cc/sneakymonster.

To everyone who has already pledged thank you for your support!
2015-10-30 Raymond and Scum
Happy Halloween!
Just in time for Halloween, Raymond and Scum presents the video for "Dumped on Halloween" featuring clips from Jeff Smith's short film, "Machete Betty." Dry your tears, eat some candy and laugh the pain away:

2015-09-19 Dino-Mike
Urban Dictionary Music Video!!!
2015-09-16 Devo Spice
The FuMP Volume 52 Now Available
The FuMP Volume 52 is now available! This album features all of the songs posted during July and August of 2015, including "Duggary," "Lucy Is A Guy With Falsies," and "Put It Away."

This album also features a video of Insane Ian performing "Ant Man" live at FuMPFest 2015.

This album is available digitally for just $9.99. CDs are still in production and have been delayed a bit due to supply chain issues. We'll let you know when physical media becomes available.

Click here for more information and to order your copy.
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